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Kindergarten Children

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Interactive Games

Faith Filled People:
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Sample Music from Stories of Gods Love Kindergarten

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Kindergarten Parents

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Who is the Kindergarten Child?
Understanding the Kindergarten Child?
How Does Faith Begin in Families First?
Creating a Faith Filled Home
Tips for Helping Your Child Grow in Faith
Seasonal Family Rituals: Christmas | Easter | Lent
Talking with Your Child About God
Religion Readiness and the Young Child
Family Prayers:
January| February | March | April | May | August | October | November | December
Catholic Prayers to Learn

Kindergarten Catechists/Teachers

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Who Is the Kindergarten Child?
Religion Readiness and the Young Child
Serving Today's Families
Supporting Family Involvement
Seasonal Parent/Child Events: Advent/Christmas | Lent | Easter
Scope and Sequence
Catechist Prayer
Prayer in the Kindergarten Setting
Catholic Prayers to Learn

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